14 November 2019

3 Types of Production

I thought this was a fun way to show the 3 different types of production with different symbols and colors. I feel like the message can be received very quickly this way.

Holiday Schedule

06 November 2019

BBQ Poster

I was given generic content for this poster so I came up with the "flame" graphic and crafted the text to be more relevant to the theme.

23 October 2019

Bird Sketch

I wanted to brush up on my sketching skills so I drew this on paper with ink then took it into Photoshop and "painted" it.

Annual Report Illustration

17 September 2019

Fall Sale Banner

Labor Day Sale Banner

I shot this photo with various tools lying around the shop and then colorized it for some nice stylization.

04 May 2019

Cinco "Door" Mayo Social Media Graphic

I came up with the concept, wording, and design of this and it was received very well internally and on social media.

Cinco "Door" Mayo Webpage Banner