17 November 2008

Identity for 2009 Crystal Reward Trip


Here is the identity for next year's Crystal Diamond Reward Trip. It is being held in Phuket, Thailand. I wanted to capture the flavor of Thailand. There are elements of the new Neways logo incorporated into the design along with seahorses, elephants, and diamonds.

12 September 2008

Book Cover Design


This story is about a young boy who grows up and goes to war. The story is centered around the tree house. I love the contrast between the figures' ages and the different colored backgrounds. In the end, the author decided to remove the figures and wanted the background all one color. It's unfortunate because it went from being very conceptual to being more realistic and not as exciting. The client is always right though and it still ended up being a nice cover.

03 June 2008

Book Cover Design


This wasn't too awfully creative as I just manipulated a photo of a woman to make her look more vampirish. I did however create the title which I think captures the feel of the book.

25 April 2008

NewVera Brochure Front and Back Cover

NewVera Brochure Inside Spread


The pouring New Vera juice was pretty hard to capture in one shot so I ended up combining five of the best photos to get the perfect composite.

Ad Concept for National Publication

Final Crystal Diamond Reward Trip Identity - 3D Dice by Steve Keele

Illustration for Christmas Newsletter

Mock Poster for Yazoo Tour


Yazoo is one of my favorite bands and since they were touring for the first time in over 25 years, I thought it would be fun to do a mock poster. One of their biggest hits includes the line "Blue eyed dressed for every situation...". This was my inspiration for the eyes. The two figures represent Alison and Vince, the two members of the band.

Neways Healthy Homes Logo


This logo has been used on signage, newsletters, email blasts and distributor magazines.