07 September 2007

Package Design for New Vera


The old packaging for New Vera was in desperate need of updating. I wanted to portray Aloe leaves in the background. I even created the logotype to represent Aloe leaves as well. The distributors from Neways' biggest market, Japan, loved the new design. That was very satisfying to hear.

Final MaxFlash Logo

Crown Diamond Reward Trip - Final

This was a big hit. Everyone loved this logo as it was used on everything from signage to pins to slippers. I think it really captures the look and feel of Hawaii.

Update: The pin that was created from this logo received an award. OC Tanner produced it and out of the hundreds of pins they create each year, they choose the top 20 Most Beautiful Pins of 2008. This one was one of them and I was presented with a plaque. It was quite an honor.

Illustration for Employee Summer Party

Poster for Employee Summer Party


I was given the theme of Beach Bash and that's it. It was fun to combine different imagery to convey that message.

Poster for 80's Triple Scoop Concert


Being an 80s music nut, I loved doing this poster. Even better, I got the opportunity to drive the bands around and even eat lunch with them. Wow! What a great, once-in-a-lifetime opportunity. Even the lead singers of each band signed posters for my daughter.

Poster for Mark Chesnutt Concert


I wanted to create the look of an actual painting of Mark on a piece of wood to give it a bit of a country flair. It was all created in Illustrator and Photoshop. He sings a lot about bars and drinking so I threw a bar in the background.

Poster for The Lovin' Spoonful Concert


This was a fun one to illustrate. After all was said and done, the concert was rained out. Oh well. I still really enjoyed creating it.