14 March 2017

Holiday Card Ideas

These are some ideas I had for holiday cards. I chose different birds for each company and retained the branding of each company through color. The gold was intended to be printed using gold foil.

09 March 2017

Essential Oil Quiz Characters

Characters developed for a "What Essential Oil Are You?" quiz.

Just Add Oils Logo

AromaTools wanted a theme for last year that reinforces essential oils. They came up with Just Add Oils! This is the mark I did for the theme.

Elevé Logo

When ACH Fulfillment opened an event center, they needed a new brand. Someone else came up with the name which I like quite a bit and I did the brand for it. I wanted something scripty so I researched different scripts and really liked this one. We then purchased the license to use it in the logo, then I took it a step further by tweaking it to make it completely ownable.

AromaTools Logo

When I first started at ACH Fulfillment, I asked if I could update the logo and branding of one of their sub-brands, AromaTools. I still retained the leaves and water from the original but made them simple shapes and brightened the blues and greens. I also included a drop to allude to the essential oil industry that AromaTools supports.